Start Building Your Medical Home
Each of the six progressive Medical Home 'Building Blocks' include content and tools available to help you improve care while meeting NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition standards. Tools and related information can be used as they are provided or adapted to meet the needs of your practice.

Before You Begin
To have a successful medical home requires the participation of all practice staff; think about ways that these materials can help you engage your team. Decide who at your practice should be part of a small team whose job it will be to select and/or adapt medical home tools and ideas. Use the model for improvement outlined in the Quality Improvement Basics section to guide you. Next, strategize how to engage your whole practice in these activities as your prepare for implementation.

How to Navigate
Review each Building Block, preferably in consecutive order. Each Block contains a brief assessment to determine how well your practice currently addresses care in that area. Tools are available in each Building Block section for you to download and use.

Once you create an account, you will have access to more than 25 downloadable tools by clicking on the "Index of Tools" at the top of any page or by working through each Building Block module.

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Medical Home Building Blocks
Care Partnership Support
Empowers children, youth and families to manage their health and healthcare
Clinical Care Information
Assures delivery of effective, efficient clinical care & patient self-management support
Care Delivery Management
Promotes clinical care that is consistent with patient and family preference and scientific evidence
Resources & Linkages
Mobilizes community resources to meet patient and family needs
Practice Performance Measurement
Addresses the organization and promotion of safe and high quality care
Payment & Finance
Matches quality care and NCQA recognition with payment / solid return on investment
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